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Taj Janitorial Services provides the following services under the category of Construction Cleaning.

Commercial Renovation Construction Cleaning

Residential Renovation Construction Cleaning

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Spring Cleaning

At Taj Janitorial Services we get in, around and underneath furniture, cupboards, walls and windows and serve as a wholesome and sensible component for general home maintenance, to welcome the season change.

Move-In / Out Cleaning

We provide efficient and quality move-in or move-out cleaning at affordable rates. Our skilled cleaning team will leave your old home in top notch condition and guarantee that your new home is ready – all you have to do is unpack!

Post Renovation Cleaning

Post-renovation or construction work requires extra special cleaning care that only we can provide to bring out your home/business’s sparkle and shine.

School and Gym Cleaning

Like any other environment that is open to the public, schools can be a breeding ground for bacteria and germs, we can help you fix that.

Shopping Centers Cleaning

Consumers are instinctively attracted to a well-organized and sanitary environment and are more likely to purchase items from a store that is well-kept. We can help you achieve that.

Industrial Complexes and Warehouses Cleaning

We offer a team of sanitation specialists who are experienced in the safe and effective cleaning of any industrial setting.

Medical Centers

Since facility-related infections now account for almost two million annual patient cases, it has never been more important for healthcare facilities to employ properly trained and equipped cleaning staff.

Commercial Window Washing

The build-up of dirt, dust and grime on commercial windows doesn’t leave visitors with the best impression and can keep customers away, we can fix that.

Residential Renovation Construction Cleaning

Our crews are extremely competent at getting the interior and exterior of a newly built structure cleaned up, on schedule.